Top tips for your extension

Follow our top tips when planning your home extension

Whether you’re planning to build outwards, or considering adding a second storey or basement level, we want you to get the most from your home extension project.

Consider access

Easy access to your new extension is essential and working out a practical solution can be a challenge.

Any addition to your living space should be accessible from the entrance lobby or hallway.

Bedrooms need to be near a bathroom, and you should avoid linking a new bedroom through an existing one. A ratio of one bathroom to three bedrooms is considered the minimum by today’s living standards, so consider adding a bathroom or ensuite too.

Rethink your existing floor plan

An open-plan layout with good indoor-outdoor flow will make your home feel spacious and it suits the way we live today.

Start by ignoring how you presently use your space including how rooms are currently defined. Removing existing walls is a pretty straightforward process, although load-bearing walls will require some strengthening to take place. However, you should be prepared for extra costs if you make changes to the electrics and plumbing.

Defining the space

Naturally the key feature of an open plan living space is no walls, so think about how you’ll define the different functions within the space once they're gone. Consider using other features like furniture, lighting and flooring. A kitchen island, open shelving, fireplace and even a staircase can also help define the space.

What about windows?

The position of your windows will have a huge impact on the space. Is there a lovely view or outlook you can take advantage of? Do you need to consider any privacy issues?

Integrate the old and the new

The last thing you want is your extension looking like it’s been tacked on to the original house. You can either match the style and materials used in the original building, or consider adding something different but entirely complementary. 

It’s a great time to think about what elements you’d like to change in the old house too. Perhaps you want to update the joinery from wooden to aluminium, change light fittings and add lots of built in storage.

Remember, every project is different so always seek the advice of professionals.


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