Living through a renovation

Tips for living through your renovation


There’s no getting around the fact that living in your home during a renovation will be a challenge. However, for most people, it’s their best financial option. Follow our tips for surviving your renovation and staying (relatively) sane!

Pack as if you’re moving

Make sure to declutter and purge your home, getting rid of everything you no longer need or want. Pack, label and store off-site or in a hire container anything you want to keep, but don’t need during the renovation. This includes art, books, ornaments, out of season clothes and anything you don’t use regularly.

Expect dust to get everywhere!

Most people find the hardest part of living through a renovation is the dust. While we keep things as clean and tidy as we can, you’re still living in a building site. Create a living space in your home and cordon it off with thick plastic and masking tape. Inevitably dust will still make its way in, so cover your electronics and anything else you want to keep clean.

Set up a temporary kitchen

If you’re renovating your kitchen, make sure to create a ‘camping’ kitchen. You’ll need a fridge and table with a microwave, toaster oven, electric frypan, kettle, coffee maker and toaster. You might want to add a slow cooker if you’re renovating during winter. Get some plastic storage bins to help keep the space tidy and protect your food, cooking utensils and tableware from dust.

Make plans for your pets

Your renovation will also be challenging for your pets. With open doors and lots of tools around, they’ll need to be kept safe. Consider using doggy day care or keeping them in a secure area during working hours.